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Screenwriting Resources to Help You Write YOUR Screenplay

We’ve done the long, hard research work for you; sifted through reams of internet copy; watched hundreds of video hours. From all that, here is a handpicked selection of screenwriting resources to get you started outlining your next screenplay.  *These resources are from our esteemed colleagues’ websites. They open in a new window. Enjoy!

Before you tuck in, or in case you need help understanding the lingo along the way, head over to our comprehensive Glossary of Screenwriting Terms to peruse definitions for more than 500 useful words and expressions.

How to Use Index Cards (Scene Cards) to Plan and Outline Your Screenplay

Many professional screenwriters use index cards to organize and outline their screenplays. Here, we’ve assembled a selection of stellar resources –videos and articles– to show you how other screenwriters use index cards to outline their screenplays, and why you might want to consider using them too as you structure your plot.

Brainstorming Resources - How To Brainstorm Your Screenplay Idea

Got a great idea for a movie? Have you finished your first draft yet or is it still just a concept? Until you turn your fabulously imagined premise into a story, it will continue living as no more than a glimmer in your mind’s eye. Through this collection of hand-picked articles and videos, learn how to effectively brainstorm your story idea and eventually develop it into a high-caliber, contest-worthy screenplay.

Character Development Resources For Screenwriters

What’s more important that great characters in a screenplay? Nothing. Here is some great information to help you develop the characters in your screenplay into memorable, relatable, if not always likeable movie characters.

Screenplay Plot Development and Outlining Resources

Plot development is a very important and necessary part of screenwriting. Your plot is the vehicle that carries your characters through your screenplay. We have put together a variety of articles and videos that will help you develop your plot using many different plot structures.

Resources to help you with Conflict Development and Escalation in your screenplay

Conflict drives your story and keeps your audience interested and invested. Do you have enough conflict in your screenplay? Check out the articles and resources we’ve selected to help you with the escalating conflict in your script.

Scene Development Resources

Screenplays are a series of scenes that tell a story. But there’s much more to a scene than meets the eye. Here are some excellent screenwriting resources to help you create unforgettable scenes from beginning, through the middle and to the end.

Logline Resources

Writing your logline can be tricky. Loglines act as a short, concise calling card for your screenplay. We’ve collected several articles and videos that will help you write a great logline and added them to our recommended screenwriting resources.

Scene Sequencing Resources

Do you think about scene sequences in your screenplay? Many professional screenwriters do. Here are some articles and videos that will help you understand the Scene Sequencing process and how they can make your screenplay better.

Budget Related Screenplay Resources

The last thing we think about when writing a screenplay is the budget of the film, right? Well, maybe we should give it more thought. The screenwriting business is becoming increasingly difficult to break into. Here are some screenwriting resources that explain why writing a screenplay for budget can help you break in sooner.