Create amazing SCENE SEQUENCES that propel your story.

Learn how to write screenplay scene sequences with the help of some great articles

We’ve done the long, hard research work for you. We’ve sifted through pages and pages of content, watched hundreds of hours of video. This is a handpicked selection of screenplay scene sequences resources to get you started.  *Some of these resources are from our esteemed colleagues’ websites. They open in a new window. Enjoy!

How to Plan Your Feature Using a 12-Sequence Screenplay Outline

Scene sequences are a fantastic way to outline your 3-Act feature screenplay. This type of outline forces you to visualize your entire story and all the plot beats and connections, long before you sit down to write.

Save the Cat Beat Sheet vs. Screenplay Sequences.

This is a useful article on sequencing in a language we all understand: Save the Cat Beat Sheet vs. Screenplay Sequences – (writer uncredited), published by Script Reader Pro


Also from Script Reader Pro (writer uncredited), taste this insightful piece on screenplay scene sequences within the three-Act structure. Script Structure and Sequences: What They’re Not Telling You.


Here’s a terrific article, What Happens in a Screenplay Sequence, by Naomi Write + Co. that breaks down screenplay scene sequences with familiar films as examples.

How to write a film sequence with examples – The adjustment bureau

Another fab read about screenplay scene sequences, also with examples:  How to Write a Film Sequence – The Adjustment Bureau, published (anonymously) by Shadow and Movies

Vital Videos to help you craft your scene sequences like the pros

The 8-Sequence Hero's Journey

Screenwriting Masterclass | The 8-Sequence Hero’s Journey features the wonderful Karel Segers from The Story Department. It’s a full hour, but we promise you won’t be bored and that you’ll learn more than a thing or two.

Karel Segers walks you through the 8 scene sequences of a feature film story, matching them to the most important stages and moments in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey.

8 Sequence Approach To Writing A Screenplay - Paul Joseph Gulino

8 Sequence Approach to Writing a Screenplay – In this 10-minute video, Paul Joseph Gulino, interviewed by Film Courage, explains the eight scene sequences in a feature

The Screenplay SECRET to HACK Your Story - Sequences

The Screenplay SECRET to HACK Your Story: Sequences – We’ve recently discovered the generous Jacob Michael of Big Red Stripe. Here he offers 25 minutes of wisdom around the feature scene sequences.

How To Create A 12 Sequence Screenplay Outline and Why It Works by Gary Goldstein

How To Create A 12 Sequence Screenplay Outline and Why It Works – Film Courage (we LOVE FC, in case you haven’t noticed) offers some sage and interesting ideas from Gary Goldstein about his 12 Sequence Outline, in a scant, but jam-packed seven minutes.

Here are some additional recommended resources