The TRAVEL SIZE toolkit

  • Developed For Screenwriters

    The Story Development and Outlining Toolkit was developed for screenwriters by screenwriters, educators and industry professionals

  • Brainstorm Your Idea

    Includes everything you need to brainstorm your idea and take it from a thought, to a full fledged story

  • Develop Your Characters

    Includes step-by-step guides and instructions to help you develop believable, interesting characters with depth, and arcs that your audience will love

  • Develop Escalating Conflict

    Without conflict, your story will be boring. Our 'Conflict Chamber' guide will help you create believable, escalating conflict that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

  • Develop Your Plot

    There are many ways to plot your story, but they all involve some planning. We've developed four different guides to help you with a 3-Act, 5-Act, 9-Act or Story Circle Plot structure.

  • Create Great Scenes and Cohesive Scene Sequences

    Scenes are the building blocks for your screenplay. Every single scene must move your story forward. We developed the Scene Accelerator™ and Scene Sequencer™ to help you create organized, exciting scenes.

  • Sell Your Screenplay

    We've included tools to help you attract interest to your screenplay and to understand the budget for your movie.

  • Outline Your Screenplay On-The-Go

    Everything you need to outline your screenplay is included in a neat, attractive carrying case.

  • FREE Access to Hundreds of Screenwriting Resources

    You'll have access to hundreds of screenwriting-specific resources and premium help through our website.


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