Write a kickass LOGLINE

Awesome Articles to help you write your logline

Logline Resources: We’ve searched the web for the best articles and videos so you don’t have to. We want to help you learn from the best how to write the most provocative logline for your screenplay: one that will earn you easy read requests when you query. But you might want to read our own piece on the subject first: A Logline for Your Screenplay. Enjoy.

The Simple Guide to Writing a Logline

This Screencraft article by Ken Miyamoto gives the bare bones and some terrific ideas for writing loglines. You’ll find here a condensed version of everything you need to understand to
tackle your logline.

I Wrote a 120 Page Script But Can’t Write a Logline: The Construction Of A Logline

This 50+ page pdf act of generosity by Christopher Lockhart is a must read for every screenwriter. It includes a clear strategy and hundreds of examples.

101 Best Movie Loglines Screenwriters Can Learn From

Also from Screencraft, this rich logline list will inspire you.

How to write a logline: the ultimate step-by-step guide. 

From Script Reader Pro, this in-depth article breaks down plenty of examples, including poor loglines with fixes.

How to Write a Logline Producers Won’t Pass On

Plenty of examples in this well-organized and super detailed piece from Studio Binder by AJ Unitas. There’s even an infographic to help you focus.

Vital Videos that go over logline creation strategies

Here are a few of the better video resources available on the subject of writing loglines. If you learn better via video, the pickings are slimmer than those available in print. But these gems will provide some inspiration, whether you choose to write your logline before or after your outline or full script.

The Inside Pitch Logline Workshop

This is a more than three-hour workshop with logline experts Christopher Lockhart and Ramesh Santanam that goes into painstaking detail about loglines. Long, yes, but you’ll come away much better prepared to write yours. Note: You’ll need to sign up for the Facebook group The Inside Pitch to get access to this free resource.

Spend 15 minutes with Rocket Jump Film School and be entertained by the film clips while you learn some new tricks about logline writing.

Film Courage works with screenwriter Brooks Elms in this 26-minute video that breaks down the process and demonstrates how the pros do it.

The Big Red Stripe’s Jacob Michael was getting started on his educational YouTube channel for screenwriters about the same time (mid-pandemic) that we launched behind the scenes. He’s become one of our new go-to faves. He does a great job here of breaking down the logline task in 10 minutes.

Film Courage never disappoints. Listen to screenwriter Zach Zerries explain in 16 minutes why it’s a solid idea to write your logline first.