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The Brainstorming Guide - Phase 2


The Brainstorming Guide - Phase 2
Next Level Screenplay Brainstorming

  • Expand and detail your idea
  • Start to develop your characters and interactions
  • Identify your story’s primary beats
  • Enhance your plot particulars
  • Expound on the symbolism motifs and archetypes
  • Develop your premise
  • Hone and refine your message to the audience
Now your idea is tangible, develop and expand it into a movie-worthy story. Phase II is where your idea begins to flourish and take on a life of its own. The Badass Brainstorming Guide – Phase II will guide you through the next stage – where you transfer the ideas from Phase I and nail them down into the critical parts of your fabulous story. Now you can see everything at a glance. At this stage, you should be getting excited about your progress.
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Here's a video that shows you how to use the Phase 2 - Brainstorming Guide