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The Character Profiler™


The Character Profiler™
Character Development Guide

  • Create complex, life-like characters
  • Develop your main characters
  • Define your antagonist
  • Plot detailed arcs for your main characters 
  • Pin down your protagonist’s external (story) goal
  • Identify your character’s internal weaknesses and desires
  • Get to know your characters as if they are real people
  • Expand your characters so they are both authentic and relatable
What’s more important than your characters? Absolutely nothing. Like your plot, your characters drive your story and create relatable emotional bonds with your audience. The Character Developer lets you to view every aspect of your characters in one place. You’ll be surprised at how the profiler on your wall will help you develop an intimate relationship with your characters as they take form.
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Here's a video that shows you how to use the Character Profiler guide