Cover of What I Wish I'd Known About Screenwriting Before I Wrote My First Screenplay

What I Wish I’d Known About Screenwriting Before I Wrote My First Screenplay – Volume 1

The Ultimate Guide to Resources for
New & Aspiring Screenwriters

Your 2022 Q4 Guide to On and Offline Screenwriting Resources

By Penelope Poole

Finally! I’m delighted to share my findings with you in this book of screenwriting resources. And I hope you will participate in the collective learning by sharing your own experiences that might be a.) different from mine or b.) add additional resources to what I’ve unearthed thus far.

In fact, I’m counting on it! You can download the e-book on Amazon.

Just like writing a dissertation, the ground around the research literature keeps shifting, and every tidbit of information vis-á-vis screenwriting seems to be in a deliciously constant state of change.

If you have ideas to keep this publication up to date, I welcome a guest blog article. And/or a bylined chapter for the next edition. I’m thinking March/2023 for the collaborative volume and have begun sourcing writers, so please consider sharing your expertise.

None of us can be everywhere or do everything; indeed I cannot. So, share your thoughts, please (Link is to a sign-up form). Once you register to receive our occasional newsletter, you can post public remarks here about the book and your own ideas for improvement.

Or join the Facebook conversation with your suggestions and comments. If you prefer a more private conversation, you may write to me directly.

Praise for What I Wish I’d Known About Screenwriting Before I Wrote My First Screenplay

Here’s what a few of my wonderful beta readers said about early drafts. I’m so grateful to these and other readers who were kind enough to give me detailed, actionable notes. The published version is indeed a collaborative final product with no small thanks to these folks.

For those who have websites, please take a look at their profiles and websites. I’m so lucky to have such extraordinary writers and editors agree to read and give me notes.

“Very impressive creation and collection of the author’s knowledge. The links are well placed for future reading and extra resources. What I Wish I’d Known About Screenwriting Before I Wrote My FirstScreenplay really is for all sorts: beginners, intermediate, and well-seasoned writers, as well as for those with English as a second language. It’s got everything … it’s a one-stop shop!”

Marc Zanetta, Screenwriter, Manila, Philippines

“As a non-native English speaker, I found What I Wish I’d Known About Screenwriting Before I Wrote My First Screenplay an easy-to-read guide that has been instrumental in my screenwriting journey. Not only does it offer actionable steps that are aimed at constant improvement, it does so through an encouraging voice. I highly recommend this guide for every new and aspiring screenwriter.”

Amata Otieno MD, Screenwriter, Kisumu, Kenya

“The book is AMAZING. Yes, I expected What I Wish I’d Known About Screenwriting Before I Wrote My First Screenplay to be a classic “how to write a script” book. But it’s really ALL a screenwriter needs to know about writing and selling their script in the best possible ways. And I found other things I’d already discovered, which made me feel proud and confident of my path towards achieving any screenwriter’s dream. I’m thankful for all the links included in Chapter 4. I’m telling you this book is great and super helpful for newbies and even probably the pros who want to be more accurate with social media marketing. It’s a thumbs up for me, 100%!”

Winnie L’ourson, Screenwriter & Student, Tunisia

The author has a very engaging voice – love it! The information is much needed and very difficult to come across, especially consolidated into one “bible.” Kudos! The book also displays a fantastic history of lessons learned. Thank you for sharing it. It will certainly help loads of people, including me. I can’t wait to investigate the websites and groups suggested. Though it reminds me even more how much there is to learn about screenwriting. Exciting but daunting.

JoAnn Sky, Author, Screenwriter, USA

“A pretty vast accumulation of invaluable resources; the fact that so much of this is linked to free information makes it a top starting point for those at a beginning stage. — And look, he said, I found some valuable links for myself on the 10th year of my journey; that’s always a happy surprise. Made my heart sing to find the wisdom of the old “Santa sends Macy’s shoppers to Gimbals” approach: suggest other authors’ work that this author found useful. And then the first actual purchase suggested is Trottier’s Screenwriter’s Bible, my fond and favored go-to. I knew I was in. I’d be remiss not to mention Ms. Poole’s attention to layout and grammar and spelling; speedbumps are a thing, my friend, and this carefully crafted step is an especial kindness when one is trying to slot new material into the brainpan. Add to that the friendliness, the willingness to treat the Reader as a compatriot; The book is more a “sharing with equals” than a teaching, and I think for newbies especially, that sort of attitude is important. Overall, an excellent read; outstanding access to information. This should be an ongoing series.”

Jeffrey Stackhouse, Actor, Screenwriter, PAGE Winner

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